safety & respect

Safety Requirements of the 20th European Jodo Championship

While Europe is currently operating like COVID-19 has the same risk as influenza, this is not the case in Japan. For example, Japanese nationals have to pass a PCR test in order to be able to board an airplane bound back to Japan. For this reason, it is likely that the following operating procedure will be enforced at the event:


Masks will be worn in the dojo and access points to the building at all times by all participants including competitors, referees, officials etc. even if other members of the public are not.


Participants are asked to maintain strict physical distance from the ZNKR teachers at all times and to ensure that masks are worn.


The ZNKR teachers will be dining in slightly remote locations even at group events such as the Sayonara Party. You are asked not to approach especially if they are eating and thereby not wearing masks.

Please take these points seriously as the next events in Europe depend on the success of these measures.
If the COVID restrictions are relaxed in the meantime then we will update you here.

FP2 Masks are required


Subject to Change